New job, new blog

Life comes at you fast.

As passengers on a train barreling down a set of predetermined rails, we often get used to the comfortable nature, expectations and limitations of our current journey. For some, many settle, too afraid to jump off the speeding car onto a new line for fear that it may lead to eventual failure. So they resolve to stay and finish the line. For many, that works. For me, it doesn’t.

I’m deathly afraid of complacency. When you dull, so does your professional value. Right now, it’s not time to settle for routine, but to disrupt and innovate (even if that means disrupting yourself in the process). It’s time to throw myself into a different shark tank and find a new way to swim. Luckily, these are the kind of challenges that motivate me.

It’s going to be hard, it’s going to be long, and it’s going to be an uphill battle, but I am reassured by the support and genius that powers my new team. Ben, Shane and the rest of the group, I truly thank you for your inspiration, as well as believing in the ideas and counsel that you know I will bring to the table. To Des Moines, I won’t let you down.

Furthermore, I want to thank David, president of Freestyle PR. By allowing me to head several accounts for almost a year now, the agency empowered me to take on major responsibilities and earn my fair share of battle scars in a very short period of time. Although I’m not a veteran, I am weathered and battle-tested. I learned a lot from these experiences and I encourage our current and potential clients and friends in the community to continue to expect great things from Freestyle PR.

In the end, every ride must come to an end. I’m thrilled to start on this new one.


Thanks to Anna Jones for the header photo


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